Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Importance of Mother and Her Love in Our Life!

“God could not be everywhere, so therefore he made mothers.”

This is the most beautiful saying, and indeed the most appropriate one, we hear about mothers! In this whole world, there shall not be a greater being than a ‘mother’. Not only has she played a pivotal role in bringing us up, but she has always been a confidante, a counselor and a custodian to us. From being ‘the most important person’ in a child’s life to the one being ‘behind the scenes’, mother’s love is an ever-evolving and an ever-expanding affair. In fact, we can say that this whole world is molded and shaped by mothers, as she is the one who is responsible for making our lives, more meaningful and great.

When it comes to explaining ‘mother’s love’, there are so many incidents, happenings and things in support that we always fall short of space and time. Here is a reasonable article to pay accolades to a mother, for the importance she holds in our life and how her never dying love keeps us going.

She loves you unconditionally

No matter what you do, how many mistakes you make, how much you hurt her, her love for you will never diminish because it is unconditional. Researchers also say that a mother’s love contributes a big deal in building child’s self esteem and a healthy ego state. It is her profound love only that encourages us to do good things and stay away from the evils.

She is a great healer

Remember the times when your injuries were healed without ointments and medicines? All you needed was a peaceful sleep on your mother’s lap. Well, such is the magic of a mother and the reason why she is a natural healer. Not only physical healing, mothers are also excellent in improving our emotional aspects too.

She is your best teacher

Our parents made us went to a great school, graduated from a good college but the true knowledge about life we acquired was from our mothers. She is the one who made sure; we don’t forget our morals, ethics and values. She helped us take those initial steps, like how to talk, how to eat, how to walk etc.

A nagger, but for good

You can call it friendly reminders because her nagging might irritate you at that moment but at the end you are going to thank her. Without her reminders, you would have forgotten your id card for examinations, or you might be leaving for airport without your passport or might be driving with an expired driving license. Well, mothers will never make you forget to do right things at the right time.

She is the best confidant

Your mother will always be there when you need someone to talk with. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry, to calm you down and to soothe you, you can always count on her. A mother is someone who can help us face those grave situations of life bravely.

Surely, you would have tons of reasons than what we could fit into this article to be thankful to your mother. So, for someone who helped you walk and talk, who taught you to mend a broken heart and who gave you all the love she possibly could, show her your love and care by acknowledging her value in your life. Seek reasons to praise her, thank her, and gift her, not only on her birthday or mother’s day but otherwise too.

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