How walking program can help dialysis patients?

How walking program can help dialysis patients?

How walking program can help dialysis patients?

Exercise isimportant for healthy living, but for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and dialysispatients, some of the vigorous exercises like, weight lifting, heavy aerobicexercises, jogging might not be right. So for these patients, walking has beenconsidered as one of the simple and best things to do which can have a positiveimpact on health and logevity of patients.

How walking helps kidney dialysis patients?

Constantexercise in kidney dialysis treatment forpatients helps to:

· Improve heart health

· Manage weight

· Enhance energy levels

· Maintain the immune system

· Remain active

· Improve muscle physicalfunctioning

· Control blood pressure

· Improve muscle strength

· Achieve lowered level of bloodfats (cholesterol and triglycerides)

· Have better sleep

Brisk walkingis proved to be the best way of walking to avail its maximum benefits; supportingrather forceful physical activity for a longer amount of time will help you toget the health effects that are good for your circulatory system, kidneys, andeven mental health. Researchers believe that walking for 20 minutes every daycan drastically increase the quality of life of dialysis patients.

Healthexperts have recommended that walking for at least 30 minutes a day can help overcomecardiovascular related problems which are a leading cause of death for kidneydialysis and CKD patients. Although, 30 minutes of exercise may seem a bitexcessive and difficult, if patients think about the benefits and influence itcan have on their lives to improve the quality of life than walking for thatamount of time can easily be achieved.

Points to remember before starting any exercise:

Should Iconsult my doctor before starting exercise?

Yes. Before startingany exercise program, make sure to check with your doctor.

How toprepare myself for regular walking?

· Buy a pair of walking shoes whichis comfortable to wear and which has plenty of cushions with solid grip flatsurface to avoid any slippage.

· Warm up yourself by stretching abit before starting to walk. Cool down slowly for the last five minutes of yourwalk. This helps the body to get back to more relaxed state.

· Always wear comfortable clothessuch as short-sleeved shirts and light weighted pants.

· Do not keep yourself dehydrated.Drink water as instructed by your doctor.

Anysituations when I should not exercise?

Yes. If youare facing any of the following:

· Fever

· Change in dialysis schedule

· Change in medicine schedule

· If physical condition has changed

· If the you have eaten too much

· The weather is very hot and humid,except that you exercise in an air-conditioned place

· If any joint or bone problems thatworsens with exercise

If you stopexercising for any of the above reasons, then speak to your doctor before startingexercise again.

The bottomline for kidney dialysis patient is Walk! Walk! Walk often! Even a 30-minutewalk once or twice a week can do wonders to achieve good quality of life. Themore you walk the more benefit you gain.