How to Snowboard – Tricks

How to Snowboard – Tricks

How to Snowboard – Tricks

Snowboardingtricks are same as skateboarding tricks. There is such a wide variety of optionsand variations that you can add to any basic trick to make another one.Snowboarding tricks can vary if levels of difficulty; strengths and maneuverabilitywill figure out what type of snowboarding tricks you will be able to perform.

Snowboardingtricks can be learned with practice and determination. Here are few tricks thatyou can perform.

1. Air to Fakie: While you are moving toward a wall,you will do a jump that requires no turn, when you land you will be riding backwards.

2. Alley Oop in the Half-Pipe: You will rotate 180 degrees or moreand will be backside on the front side wall or front side on the backside wall.

3. Andrecht: This is when you will do a rear handedbackside hand plant with the use of a front hand grab.

4. Backside Air: This is the place where you actuallyget any amount of air on the backside wall.

5. Bonk: This is when you hit an object withyour board and after that you proceed with your ride and ride away.

6. Bone: This is when you either straighten oneor both of your legs.

7. Fakie: This is the point at which you ride backward.

8. Gay Twist: This is when you spin 360 degreesand grab your board.

9. Grab: This is when you grab any side ofyour board with either one or both hands.

10. HoHo: This is when you do a two handed handplant.

11. Inverted Aerial: This is any trick where you upside downin the air.

12. Lip Trick: Any trick that you perform on thelip of the wall.

13. Nose Grab: This is the place where you get thenose of your board with your front hand.

14. Nose Tap: This is the place where you bonkwith the nose of your board.

15. Nose Slide: This is self-evident. This is theplace where you slide with the nose of your board.

There are somany snowboarding tricks that it is difficult to list them all here. If you areinterested in learning different tricks or just learning about them, your bestlogical option is to do a search via the internet. This will bring up a varietyof pages that either tells you about the tricks, where you can watch videoabout the tricks, where you can buy how-to videos about the tricks or where youcan buy data about the tricks. Whatever way you are willing to learn about the tricks,it is available.

Snowboardingtricks are unquestionably fun to do; however, they can also be dangerous.Ensure that you never practice a difficult or dangerous trick alone andunsupervised, just in the event that something happens. The simple tricks, forexample, a nose grab, can be rehearsed alone. The more you practice the betteryou will become. The next time that you get together with all your friends, youwill have something to show and something to brag about if you learn somesnowboarding tricks.

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