How to Select the Perfect Photo Booth Rental Company for Your Event?

How to Select the Perfect Photo Booth Rental Company for Your Event?

There are lots of rudiments that differentiate one Photo Booth from another are out of sight or hidden. If you do not know the perfect questions before hiring a photo booth rental company,you might not know that you have picked the wrong choice for your special event until it’s too late.

In selecting the right photo booth for your event, there are three important questions that you should know.Many photo booth rentals companies would wish you didn’t ask those questions.

Question 1: What Kind of Camera orEquipment Do You Use?

Today, there are various camera options available for photo booths such as point and shoot cameras, or DSLR(Digital Single-Lens Reflex) cameras. Still, among these options, DSLR cameras will mostly give the best and highest quality photographs. DSLR cameras are the huge body cameras which professional photographers use.

The idea here is not to find fora photo booth rental company with expensive camera or equipment, but to knowwhat camera the company uses in doing photo booth and the reason why? If theyare using a DSLR camera, you can consider it’s for quality of photos. If theyare using other type of camera, ask why they preferred to use that camera. But take note, the lens and a skilledphotographer are often more significant than the choice of camera. An expertphotographer with the proper lighting can capture spectacular photos.

To ensure that the company youare hiring is perfect for your event, check out the photographs of that companyto their website, if have. Be certainthat you are checking the actual shots from the photo booth.

Question 2: What Kind of Printer Do You Use for Printing Photos?

There are two kinds of printerscommonly used by photo booth rental companies; the Ink Jet printer and the DyeSub printers. Photos printed with each of these printer options often looksakin to the eye and high quality photos. Ink Jet prints might have magnificentcolor, so far don’t have the permanence of Dye Sub prints.

If the photo booth company youare contracting is using an Ink Jet printer its best that they have anotherprinter working at a time to shorten the time spent for waiting the photos to beprinted. And also, they have a backup printer when needed to change the inkcartridges or the photo-printing paper.

If the company you are hiring is using Dye Sub printer, it’s much better; because Dye Sub printer can print photos twice as fast an Inkjet printer. The haste of the printer really affects your photo booth experience. The slower they print the longer you wait; that means the photo booth company will expend less on supplies. Your guests will wait longer in line, the chance to use the photo booth during your rental has lessen.

Question 3: How Many Printed Copies Do We Get Of Each Photo?

The major misconception regarding photo booth rentals is that unlimited photo booth use means that you get copies as many as you wish. Unlimited photo booth prints actually means that all your guests can be able to use the booth as many times as they want during the period of your rental.

Some company provide single or double during each photo booth session, while some allow each individual in the photograph to ask a copy every time they are in a photo. A print for each visitor is often called “free reprints”.

The photo booth fee sometimes canbe decided through the availability of the “free reprints” option as the costof photo-printing paper and ink used rise up fairly with the number of printsproduced at an event.

The usual photo booth session has3 to 5 people and takes about 2 minutes if creating four photo strip. If thecompany provide single prints only, you will need nearly 4 times as much rentaltime for every guest to have a strip to bring home and remember your event.

If you want to have a guestbookor scrapbook to your photo booth rental with a company that offers doubleprints, typically one print goes in your guestbook, and your guest get theother copy.

Photo booth rental companies that offer a print for every guest usually charge extra fee per hour of service, however you also need to extra hours to accommodate the number of guest and to ensure that all your guests will leave with a photo in hand.