How To Rent a Charter Bus for Your Sports Team

How To Rent a Charter Bus for Your Sports Team

How To Rent a Charter Bus for Your Sports Team

Are you in charge of renting a charter bus for your sports or academic team? Although it may seem like an overwhelming task to the inexperienced renter, the process can be simplified by answering a few easy questions before you begin your search for the perfect vehicle.

Determine the size of your group.

If your team is smaller than 10 people and you won’t be bringing along any luggage or gear, a sprinter van or shuttle might the best option. Since they’re not as spacious as larger buses, sprinter vans are generally preferred for short distance travel.

If your group size is between 13-30 people and you don’t need luggage space, you’ll likely be able to make do with a mini bus, which is exactly what is sounds like – a miniature version of a charter bus. For groups over 30 people or groups with lots of luggage and equipment, a full sized 55+ seat charter bus will be your best and only option.

Is there a chance that your group size could change during the course of the event? If so, make sure to rent a bus with extra seating to accommodate any late joiners. Having extra seats is always better than not having enough.

Decide what amenities your group will need.

Do you need extra storage space for oversized luggage or sporting gear? Is your group planning to work on the bus? Consider getting a bus with high speed wi-fi and power outlets. How long is your trip? For longer trips, your passengers will likely appreciate a bus with a lavatory. Reclining seats, which allow your passengers to snooze comfortably throughout the ride, are especially great for long or late-night trips.

Calculate the total mileage of the trip.

Most bus rental companies charge by the mile, so it’s crucial to have a fairly accurate estimate of the mileage before you book. If you plan on making any additional stops, make note of this and let your booking agent know ahead of time to avoid any extra convenience fees.

Contact a bus reservation company

If you don’t have time to call all the individual bus companies in your area , check out national charter bus rental companies like GOGO Charters. They’re both available in over 100 cities in North America and offer on-demand bus rental services at a fair price.

For best rates, book your bus at least 60 days in advance. This will reduce the likelihood that you’ll have to pay extra any fees due to high demand in your area.

Whether you’re a professional event planner, sports coach, PTA parent or just a volunteer, you’ll have no troubles renting a charter bus for your sports team if you follow these helpful tips.