How to do business with China

How to do business with China

Part A:Four ways to find Chinese suppliers?

Surely everybody is thinking about how to find a good Chinese supplier.In order to be able to find the right one, we need to run for the exhibition?Must go to visit China?In addition to the use of the Internet and other good way to find good suppliers?The answer is as follows.

The people one the earth all know that China produced the world`s most of the products, any trademark supermarket and store goods, nine times out of ten are “Made inChina”.Countries buyers looking for a supplier to China, one of the most important reason is that the price is competitive.In fact it is for this reason, a large number of foreign manufacturers flocking to China.

No matter you are a businessman or purchaser, as long as you are on your products in the domestic price competitiveness, you will not be doing nothing, you will try to search for solutions to your business failures.Some of these solutions include:

1. Stop selling those who have borne the brunt of low-priced products.It is not a good way, unless you have a lot of other stock or you just want to spend a long vacation!

2, try to search their products more competitive manufacturer.

3, direct imports from low-cost countries.If we think this method is the best, there are many things waiting for us.For example: choose which country to purchase?How to find a vendor can understand our way?But you will find a circle, you will choose to China.The next question is how to find a Chinese supplier?How to choose?How to communicate to?You may decide to products of interest to you start a few enquiries give it a try, will also buy a sample, if so, then you may have to spend thousands of dollars on sample only for not making the wrong decision.

In fact, there are many excellent Chinese manufacturers did not appear on the B2B website.These excellent manufacturer in manufacturing is very severe, but unfortunately they do not know how to marketing effectively.

So you can go to a few large professional exhibition to find those in the B2B website to find suppliers, site and its participants to communicate and establish a preliminary cooperation intention, maintain a good relationship.

But it is important to note that if you do not speak Chinese without an interpreter, and then gone to a exhibition is basically no use.You need to understand Chinese familiar with the Chinese way of doing things.Obviously, hiring and other accompanying personnel need overhead.If you have no money to also do not want to spend money on it, you will have to think of some way to get you interested information about the manufacturer, you can seek help from the exhibition organizers.You can also to people around you to spy on Chinese suppliers of information, the more the better, if necessary can also enlist the help of a professional procurement agencies.

Summarizes several effective way of looking for Chinese suppliers now:

1, Search keyword on the Internet, especially the search on the B2B platform;

2, Ask for the information of suppliers from exhibition.

3, Contact with local Commerce Guild ask for the inoformation.

4, if you don’t have time to go to China to visit manufacturers in China, you should ask people to help you to review survey vendors to ensure foolproof.