How To Delete Facebook Messages All At Once Latest way

How To Delete Facebook Messages All At Once Latest way

How To Delete Facebook Messages All At Once Latest way

Hello Guys, during this article, we’ve mentioned the way to Delete Facebook Messages All right away directly. whereas not wasting the time and data abundant and together the principles square measure so easy that it should be followed by any cohort. make sure you scan the article before jumping onto the steps. Facebook an oversized network of social media, stylish among all ages cluster has become the foremost excited social networking web site for the 21st century. From sharing the photos and videos of your memorable moments to chatting friends sitting thousands of kilometers distant from you, Facebook has created the world connected from one pole to a special pole.

At times, this web site or app gets useless with the weird crap or feeds, so to induce aloof from those, there unit of measurement utterly completely different extension apps that in turn facilitate to clear the useless data and makes the house for added useful storage/ knowledge. you acknowledge how to delete the posts from your profile and to boot how to delete the messages, however, the Delete Facebook Messages promptly is that the question that every user has. One can subtract the message from the message list that message gets archived, however, it doesn’t get deleted, instead, can|it’ll} appear yet again if the person can send the new message.

Delete All Messages Chrome Extension Usage

Facebook Delete all Messages google chrome extension that is accessible within the Google Chrome is your rescue. Delete Facebook Messages is time-saving and additionally trouble free for each user. to try and do this task, you simply got to follow some tips provided below:

Firstly, Delete all messages extension on the chrome extension stor .

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  • After Installation, this extension, log in your Facebook account of which you would like to delete the chats or messages.
  • At the top right corner of your chrome browser, click on the extension and follow the instructions to proceed further.

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  • After clicking on Begin Deletion. You will receive a pop-up after clicking, just to confirm the action of Delete Facebook Messages you have selected.

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  • After a moment, all your Facebook chat history and messages will be deleted.

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Final Words:

So, this is chrome extension, you don’t have to go through the long process of deleting all messages on facebook. If these article Delete Facebook Messages makes wonder for you, let this be shared with your friends then too.