How Much Do Closed Captioning Cost and Pricing

How Much Do Closed Captioning Cost and Pricing

Budget is on top of the list when talking about closed captioning services. An affordable closed caption is beneficial for the company and can go a long way in planning for a project. But some customers go to the extreme in hiring cheap captioning service but at the expense of quality.

Can you really sacrifice the quality of captions just for the sake of rock-bottom prices? Is it really worth it to save money knowing the quality of caption you’ll receive is questionable?

These are just some of the questions that you need to answer when choosing a company for closed captioning services. Outlined below are some factors you need to consider for closed captioning cost and pricing.

1. How is the closed captioning cost computed?

Every closed captioning company has a pricing model for their services. You as a customer should be able to review these models and find out for yourselves i fit meets your budget allocation. Some companies charge customers based on the length of the file while others calculate the cost depending on the quality of the source material, some even take into consideration the turnaround time.Find closed captioning services rates that will complement your budget and go for it.

2. Are there additional charges for my professional closed captioning services?

Now that you know the pricing model for professional closed captioning services, it’s time to ask them about other charges, if any. Some vendors will only give you the base price according to their pricing model. Ask them upfront if there will be additional charges for multiple speakers, speaker identification, file formats, etc. It is important that you understand the total closed captioning services rate so you won’t be surprised in the end for additional charges.

3. Can your online closed captioning services provider offer you discounts?

If you always need online captioning services on a regular basis, it is advisable to negotiate some discount deal with your provider. Some companies offer significant discounts for loyal customers including big discounts for bulk order. This is a big factor for you especially if you need their services every now and then. A reputable online closed captioning services company will be happy to give you rewards and other discounts for your orders.

4. Why is it important not to settle for cheap captioning vendors?

Cheap captioning vendors may not always provide you with premium qualityservice. More often than not, the result that they will offer you may prove tobe problematic in the long run. It is understandable that you want to savemoney but you also need to consider about accuracy and quality.

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