Free Resources for Increasing Your Productivity

Free Resources for Increasing Your Productivity

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Let’s face it, your business may be based on a good model, you may offer the right product or service to the right people, you may have even expanded into an office space or a brick and mortar location. But no business can survive if it cannot meet the necessary deadlines, efficiently produce enough to meet demand, and maintain all of this in steady upward growth. What is essential to growth is productivity.


Productivity can make or break a business. And with a shoestring budget, like most small or newer businesses, your options may be limited. Here is a list of free software that could help your business survive and stay afloat. is a free group collaboration server that allows for building a cooperative and unified communication and collaboration system. You can install it onto your existing server, or if you do not have your own, they provide a hosting service on With Kolab, you can share notes, email access, task management, calendar organization, news notifications, and calendar organization, as well as a larger list of other possibilities.

For your basic accounting needs, could be of service. WaveApps is a simple and easy accounting service that offers unlimited expense tracking and invoicing. WaveApps is currently free for small businesses that have nine employees or less. You can connect your PayPal, bank accounts, and other sources of financial information to WaveApps and have all of your transactions automatically imported into the software.