Best Way  To Transfer File Connect Two Laptops Using WIFI

Best Way To Transfer File Connect Two Laptops Using WIFI

Best Way To Transfer File Connect Two Laptops Using WIFI

Best Way To Transfer File Connect Two Laptops Using WiFi.

First Open the electrical device then click on Network and web choice. Then you see the network and sharing choice and Open it.

Now you look the Network and sharing and lots of choices. Then you’ve got to click on the setup a replacement association or network.


  • Choose connection option Dialog. The dialog looks for set up wireless and ad-hoc network.
  • Then you can see the next window with Network name, security type and security key option.


  • Now have to give a name to your network and choose a security option. The default security option is WPA2-Personal which is stronger.


You can additionally leave the safety choice with no authentication and WEP.

Do not forget to tick the checkbox with saving this network choice.

Now your wireless network is prepared and shown with different networks. Click on your network to attach. once connecting you may see a message at the right-hand aspect of network name awaiting users.

Then, you have got to share knowledge and files Wireless Network.

Workgroup Sharing knowledge Settings

If you Laptops have totally different|the various} software system then you have got to use the Workgroup sharing choice as a result of this selection will share knowledge among similar and different software system.

Firstly, you would like to see ad-hoc network you created, its network kind ought to be Home or work.

If not then open the network and sharing center then click on the name of the network if it says home network then you are doing not have to be compelled to modification the network kind otherwise you have got to pick out home network.


This setting permits you to share your information with alternative computers. Another factor you wish to visualize is that every one the computers square measure within the same workgroup.

In Windows XP you’ll modification Workgroup setting by right clicking on My pc and choose properties.

Windows view and better versions right click on pc and click on on properties. you’ll modification this setting in pc name, name and workgroup settings section.


The final thing that we must always apply to Windows seven laptop from that we wish to access alternative laptop is to open the adventurer and click on on the Network choice.

After that, you see a popup bar with Network discovery and file sharing area unit shut down. Network computers and devices don’t seem to be visible.

Share information With Connected Users

After then open the network and sharing center click on modification advanced sharing choice. currently tick the radio buttons Blow within the pictures.



Final Words: So these are best way to Transfer File Connect Two Laptops using WiFi. By doing these you can easily transfer data from one laptop to another via WiFi.