All the problems in Microsoft windows and how to fix them

All the problems in Microsoft windows and how to fix them

All the problems in Microsoft windows and how to fix them

Microsoft windows are running over millions ofPC’s, laptops and on tabs in the world, they have become the most popularoperating systems among users. Many of the users find some problem in the Microsoftwindows, like connectivity issues, bugs and other issues while using theseoperating systems. Users want to solve all these problems, but due to lack ofknowledge they are not able to solve these issues. One can easily solve errorsby knowing the main problems in Microsoft windows and as well as by knowing thesteps to fixing those errors.

Problems in All Microsoft windows:

ü Lack of space in the drive: Every Microsoft window needs a specific spacewhen someone is installing a window on your PC. For e.g. Window 10 needs spacearound 16 GB. If one has less space in its drive, He/she has to face Operatingsystem problems.

ü The Capability of running window: PC should be able to run its window. Everywindow needs some basic requirements like in case of windows 10 – a processorof 1 GHZ, 1 GB RAM and 16 GB free space. In case of non-availability of these,then there may be occur some problems with the installation of Microsoft WindowsTechnical Support Phone Number.

ü Windows update is not working: If one is having problem inupdating his Microsoft windows he/she is not able to update its windows to thelatest version.

ü Backward compatibility issues: Every latest version ofMicrosoft Windows comes with a problem of backward compatibility issues.

ü Data security problems: Data security becomes a majorissue in the Microsoft windows one might be feeling the fear of hacking ofhis/her important data.

ü Printer compatibility:It can be a problem forvarious users that their printer is not compatible for the latest version ofMicrosoft Windows.

Steps to solve Microsoft windows problems:

Thereare some simple steps that should be followed while fixing Microsoft Windowserrors:

ü Whileinstalling Microsoft windows, one needs to check how much space is left in thesystem drive. One can simply right click and select Properties for a cleareroverview. In case there is a low space left in the system drive you need toclear the space by deleting extra data.

ü Oneshould purchase the legitimate copy of the Microsoft Windows tech Support.A legitimate copy helps to run the functions smoothly.

ü Incase of backward compatibility problems like updating problems in any browser,one needs to delete the Browser, then reinstall it according to the latestversion of MS Windows.

ü Incase of saving your PC from hacking, one needs to disable Wi-Fi sense, whichautomatically shares the Wi-Fi password with the same account of all MSwindows. To turn it off, go to the Start Menu, select Settings and click onNetwork & Internet, then Wi-Fi, and head to Manage Wi-Fi Settings – turnoff all the options in here.

ü Tomake one’s printer capable for the MS windows you just need to search the nameof your printer on Google and download the latest version for compatibledrivers.