A Quick Guide to Buying Shades for Men

A Quick Guide to Buying Shades for Men

Until ten decades ago, hats used to be the most important accessories for men that were worn for style and of course as shields to protect the eyes. Years later, sunglasses replaced them. And today, most of the men rarely own or wear hats but they do own not one but many pairs of trendy sunglasses. And you can’t deny the fact that the way your eyewear changes your look in a subtle way, no other accessory can do that. You can show off your personal style or hide those swollen eyes. Regardless of the season, sunglasses make up for daily accessories. However, there are some important points that you should keep while buying goggles for men.

What to Look For When BuyingSunglasses

The Shape and Size

The first impression that you make on people around you is by how that particular pair of sunglasses looks on you. If the style does not go with your natural face shape, do not wear it, even if it is your favorite one. That is because the wrong shape of your sunglasses can enhance your face type. For example, if you have a rounded face shape and you are wearing round sunglasses;your face will appear even rounder. In this case, you should opt for a square or a rectangular frame to balance your features. Similarly, for every face shape, a frame shape should be considered while shopping sunglasses.

Right Fit

Anything which offers a poor or average fit won’t last for long. You will experience discomfort too. This is not the case with just clothing or shoes but works for eyewear as well. If your sunglasses don’t fit you properly, or they are loose, they will slip again and again and if they are tight, just forget about forcing them onto your eyes. A perfect fitting pair is the one which is neither too tight nor loose.

Color of the Skin

The choice of frame colors depends on your skin complexion.If you have a warm skin tone, that is- a peach, yellow, bronze or golden cast on your skin, then go for the olive green, honey, beige, brown or light tortoise shades. In a case of cool complexion with pink and blue undertones, wear black,pink, purple, gray, mauve, dark tortoise or blue.

Material of the Frame

When judging a great frame, the material does matter. And,you can choose the best one suiting your skin and style. Find frames online made in acetate- a high-quality plastic, metal, wood, and plastic. Sometimes it also depends on the style. Like pilot frames are generally made of metal, retro square in acetate, plastic or wood and so on.

Lenses Coatings

Lens coatings can enhance your ability to see during sunlight. Consider the options- UV protected- this is a must, photochromic,tinted, and polarized.

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