3 Reasons Why Gold coins Make the Best Corporate Gift

3 Reasons Why Gold coins Make the Best Corporate Gift

3 Reasons Why Gold coins Make the Best Corporate Gift

Every company wants to make their employees feel appreciated. In an attempt to make this possible, they organize many events, awards ceremonies, parties, and even give bonuses to their employees.

Gifting sweets and gift certificates on Diwali is also a prominent practice in the Indian corporate culture. Corporate gifting is not as simple as normal gifting. There are many aspects you need to consider when choosing a gift, the most important of which is universal appeal.

You cannot choose different gifts for employees depending on their position in the company, even though you want to. You must select something that will be equally valuable to everyone in the office, and gold coins are one such option.

Here are 3 reasons why gold coins are the best gift you can give to your employees.

1. Similar Yet Different

Corporate gifting in India needs to be according to the value the employee adds to the company. The management might want to gift a present of higher value to the senior officials in the company.

This flexibility is available with gold coins as they are made in many different denominations. The weight of gold coins ranges from 1 to 100 gram. The HR can select the weight of the cold coin as per the position of the employee.

2. Makes Them Feel Special

You can take this corporate gold coin gift one step further by making it personalized. You can get the names of your employees engraved on the gold coins with their date of joining. This does sound like a tedious job, but it really isn’t.

You can even buy this corporate gift online and so will not have to waste too much time in describing your requirement to the seller. Also, there is no room for error when you fill in all the details online. If you do not have the time to do the same for each employee separately, you can get the name of your company or the name of the different departments engraved on the gold coins.

3. Save Money When You Gift Money

Gold coins might sound like an expensive gifting option but that isn’t true. You can buy gold coins of different weights and so the budget can be allocated towards the gifts of all the employees. Sometimes what happens is that the HR decides to buy some expensive gifts for the senior management and so very little budget is left for the rest of the employees. Also, there is nothing an employee loves more than a cash bonus.

Gold, even though is not cash, is equivalent to the same. Gold holds a lot of monetary as well as emotional value in our country. This asset will grow in value over time and can be used by your employee whenever they are in need of money.

Your employees work hard to make your business a success. So it is the responsibility of every employer to treat their employees with respect and make them feel appreciated. The next time you plan your Diwali bonus, or the annual prize distribution, gift your employees a gold coin and see the sparkle transfer from the box to their eyes.