1xBit | Shop Around: Getting the Best Line

1xBit | Shop Around: Getting the Best Line

Line shopping is as important as choosing the right sportsbook. After players spend their free bitcoin sportsbetting bet, it’s best to shop around. Players that are loyal to one sportsbook could be missing out or worse—they could be spending more. The vigorish or the “juice” is responsible for this. The juice is how sportsbooks make a lot of money quickly.

Vigorish: The Juice of Bitcoin Sportsbooks

The juice is present in every bet. Say the juice number is10%. When players are betting, they need to add 10% more to win their current bet. After experiencing free bitcoin sportsbetting, line shopping is the next hurdle to master.

For example, a player wants to win 0.04 BTC. They have to add 10%, so their bet would be 0.044 to win 0.04 BTC. If the player wins, they get their full bet plus winnings. If they lose, they lose the bet and the juice. However, the player shops around; they can find reduced juice sportsbooks. There is a chance that a 0.04 BTC bet will only have 5% vig added to it. So to win 0.04 BTC, the player will bet 0.042 instead of 0.044.

It may not look much now, but that is only for one bet. If a player makes a 0.044 bet 1000 times, that is 44 BTC. Spending 0.042 for 1000bets is 42 BTC. When converted into fiat, saving 2 BTC is a big deal. Line shopping helps players make the most of their bankrolls for betting. Another is taking advantage of free bitcoin sportsbetting.

It pays to compare how much juice bitcoin sportsbooks add to their bets. Players can find .5 or .1 differences if they check. It is worth noting that the vig is not set in stone. The vig can move, depending on how heavily the public bets on the favorite.

Good sportsbooks will want to have a situation where it profits no matter who wins. Sportsbooks that have equal money on either line is sure to profit.

Before betting on sports events, players can check if they spent their free bitcoin sportsbetting or not. Having a small amount of ‘test money’ is always useful.

Betting Insurance and Free Bitcoins

1xBit is a sportsbook and casino site that offers betting insurance. Players can insure their full bet, or a part of their bet. It can keep a part of your bankroll safe by returning their bet, or the part that they had insured. Players loyal to only one sportsbook could miss out finding opportunities like this one.

Getting a free bitcoin sportsbetting experience can happen. Take sportsbooks that offer no deposit or welcome bonuses. They can give new players up to 1 BTC to get them started. This is meant to encourage new players to come back and bet again.